What is uCondition?

uCondition is a productivity tool designed to help digitize room condition reports for residential facilities. This strategically designed system allows users to automate many processes that have been done manually for decades. Not only is uCondition an environmentally friendly solution, it is more thorough, saves time and is far easier to use than traditional paper room condition forms.

How do I get uCondition?

You can request more information about signing your institution up for uCondition by clicking here. We work with each institution one-on-one with one of our account executives to guarantee a seamless installation of our system with your school.

How much does uCondition cost?

The uCondition pricing structure is totally custom just for your residential facility. There is an initial one-time payment that covers your staff’s training on the software as well as tailoring the software to your needs so it is ready to go when you are. There is a yearly subscription fee every year thereafter.

How Does uCondition Save Money?

“You have to spend some to make some.” You’ve heard that expression before. Our industry-leading technology falls into that category. uCondition helps save your institution money while even helping you earn more cash back on things like damage billing…Here are the ways you can save and earn:

  • Save Money on Paper and Save Trees
    The average residential campus of about 1,250 beds will spend around $750.00 USD a year on traditional paper condition reports. 
  • Time is Money
    The room condition reporting process can take hours and hours. We not only have digitized condition reporting, but have also streamlined the process. When 32 rooms would take a staff member an average of 90 minutes to complete, uCondition has sped up the process of doing 32 rooms to 60 minutes while increasing quality of the reporting. During the damage assignment phase, it can take up to three work-weeks to process about 500 rooms worth of damage. With our easy-to-use damage billing wizard,you can easily process 500 rooms within 2 or 3 days.
  • Don’t Miss Damages
    It is easy to overlook damages because they don’t seem significant. With uCondition, damage tracking is simple and quick with built-in damage billing photo taking and note recording features. It is far less likely for a staff member to overlook or incorrectly document damages.
  • Never Lose a Form
    Condition forms are very possibly the easiest document to lose in the office. Residents never hold on to them and office staff can often misplace them. With uCondition, the resident will always have digital access to his or her condition form. The staff and office can easily track forms online with our admin interface.
  • Increase Accountability
    The sad reality is that friends can easily manipulate condition forms to help themselves or a friend avoid damage charges. With uCondition, all actions on an room condition report are recorded and the form cannot be manipulated without admin approval.
  • Avoid Angry Parent Phone Calls
    When a resident damages their room, you are inevitably going to get a nice note in your inbox or a sweet voice over your phone (yes, that was sarcasm) telling you their child is not responsible. With our damage billing interface, you can easily send parents a copy of the checkin and checkout RCFs as well as any damage photos associated with the condition reports to prove to the parent that their perfect angel may have had a rough weekend and punched a hole in the wall. All of the photos are watermarked and time stamped.

What Android devices are supported?

Due to the fact that there are over 3,000 different Android devices available at this time, its very difficult to test on every single device. Because of the technologies used by the uCondition app we require that your Android device have at least Android version 4.0. If you find issues with your particular android device then please report them and we’ll work on getting it working on your device.


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