What is uCondition?

uCondition is a productivity tool designed to help digitize room condition reports for residential facilities. This strategically designed system allows users to automate many processes that have been done manually for decades. Not only is uCondition an environmentally friendly solution, … Continue reading

How do I get uCondition?

You can request more information about signing your institution up for uCondition by clicking here. We work with each institution one-on-one with one of our account executives to guarantee a seamless installation of our system with your school.

How much does uCondition cost?

The uCondition pricing structure is totally custom just for your residential facility. There is an initial one-time payment that covers your staff’s training on the software as well as tailoring the software to your needs so it is ready to … Continue reading

How Does uCondition Save Money?

“You have to spend some to make some.” You’ve heard that expression before. Our industry-leading technology falls into that category. uCondition helps save your institution money while even helping you earn more cash back on things like damage billing…Here are … Continue reading

What Android devices are supported?

Due to the fact that there are over 3,000 different Android devices available at this time, its very difficult to test on every single device. Because of the technologies used by the uCondition app we require that your Android device … Continue reading


How easily can uCondition be integrated with our current systems?

We’re currently evaluating various university student database systems. If you export CSV documents of your building configuration, student rosters or student staff, we can easily import those into the uCondition system in a matter of minutes.

Can we add our own features?

Each institution has unique needs. Our team at uCondition is willing to help you implement new features that are custom for your school. These will be an additional development charge. If you have a general suggestion that would make uCondition … Continue reading


Is information input into uCondition backed up?

All of the uCondition data is backed up on a daily basis locally. Those daily backups are also transferred off-site as well in the case of a disaster recovery scenario.

How reliable is uCondition?

uCondition is hosted on Virtual Private Cloud servers with failover capability so if one server goes down one of the other servers will automatically keep the site running.


How secure is uCondition?

All uCondition network traffic, including mobile devices, is encrypted over a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) HTTPS connection. All passwords are stored in sha1-hashed format. uCondition uses a dynamic, Linux-based, firewall system that is updated nightly based on the latest … Continue reading


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