One of the main objectives we had when developing and creating uCondition is to ease our software into the current processes set-up by your institution. We don’t want to make uCondition something that is difficult and complex to integrate, we want to simplify it’s integration processes to work with any system. Below are some of the many ways uCondition can integrate into your current systems.

Physical Plant/Facilities Management and Work Order Integration:

Getting rooms prepped for student arrival is crucial whether that is walkthrough inspection prior to students moving in or trying to reset the room after a student has left. An RA walks into a room and uses uCondition to record a note in a room, let’s say on a wall that is missing some paint. As soon as that note is entered, it goes into a bin of work orders. As a system administrator, you can very simply export those work orders via CSV and drop them right into your current work order and facilities management system! It is that easy.

Technological Integration:

We have made uCondition easy to access regardless of the device you use (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, etc.). There is no new equipment needed at all. Individuals can access uCondition via any web browser or our Android and iOS applications. The technology department does not have to do anything to be involved with uCondition, though they probably will want to know about our advanced security measures. We use state of the art technology to ensure all data filtered through uCondition is safe and secure.


We are not trying to create new complex processes that your department will need to undergo just to use uCondition. That being said, when it comes time to bill students, you simply click a button within the uCondition Student Damage Billing interface and you can download all the charges via CSV and feed that document into whatever billing software you use to put the bills on the student account. That’s it!

Student Database Integration:

Every single student database solution that we have encountered to this point has a very simple export interface that allows you to export your student database with the click of a button and import it into uCondition. The whole process, even with thousands of students in your database shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to export from your current student database software and import into uCondition!

Housing Software and Assignment Integration:

Importing housing data and student room assignments into uCondition is simple! Just export you student assignment roster as a CSV and drop that into uCondition–our software will take care of the rest!
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