Residence Life Family – A Love Story

It is no secret that after just a few weeks as a residence life staff member you become a family. The exciting, challenging, unpredictable times are what create this inseparable bond. Our founder, Ryan Vet, experience a very similar experience with his staff during his three years in residence life. Not only did he make friends that were as close as family, he made a very special friend.

On his first day as an RA, he was going room to room meeting families and welcoming his new residents. While doing so, he laid eyes on the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He swears to this day that when he introduced himself to her family, he froze in his steps and fumbled over his words in the presence of his gorgeous resident. Now if you know Ryan, he is rarely at a loss for words, it takes a lot to impress him and he never gawks. Well, about a year and a half after RA Ryan and his resident Jessica had met, they started to spend a bit more time together. Don’t worry, at this point Ryan was not her RA so it was fine.

Long story short, a friendship turned into a relationship and the couple fell in love. This past week, Ryan asked Jessica to marry him and she said yes. So, you never know what impact residence life may have on your life. You most certainly will come away with lifelong friendships and maybe, just maybe, you will walk away having found the love of your life.

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