Introducing RLA

Walking around to several hundred rooms, using a whiteboard and my iPhone as a camera I began taking photo documentation of every single stain, scratch, tear, hole and mess left behind by the 750+ residents living in the residential area for which I was responsible.

That was just the first walkthrough. Then I had to go around and manage work orders by inputting things that needed repaired into a Google Doc from my iPad. That’s when the idea for the RLA (Residence Life Automation) was born.

Using paper room condition reports, transferring damages and billing to the computer and then going back around and photographing damages then sending those work orders to our physical plant and facilities group then waiting for their approval then walking through the hundreds of rooms again just got as tedious and exhausting as this run-on sentence. That’s when I knew there had to be an easier way.

So, my good friend, Mark and I are embarking on a journey together to bring about a web app that will revolutionize residence life as we know it. This blog will keep you updated on the status of the app, new features  and overall news! Thanks for reading!


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